The property market comes alive as the days get warmer

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Something special happens in Brackenfell and Durbanville when the warmer months arrive as the clear skies and toasty summer days showcase the landscape in breathtaking style. The mountainous backdrops gleam buttery golden hues, while the vineyards begin to yield plump grapes for refreshing summery white wine blends.

It's not just the landscape that comes out to play, the residents also shake off the winter chill and soak up the sunshine. Even with the high pollen count this year, residents seem to be welcoming the warmer season with arms wide open and excitement you can only experience in Cape Town.

"The summer months in Brackenfell and Durbanville are buzzing with activity as the residents enjoy outdoor activities while also preparing for the festive season. The Winelands are packed with locals and tourists who want to be the first in line to enjoy the summer harvest, which is usually comprised of Sauvignon Blanc and a selection of Chardonnay", says Erna Sciocatti, a homeowner in Brackenfell and principal of RED Properties.

She goes on to say that the heightened activity that summer brings also pours into the property market.

"This season is always busy for RED Properties as many homeowners decide to sell their homes for smaller or bigger options depending on their changing lifestyle needs. And when buying a new home, many buyers prefer to stay in these suburbs as opposed to relocating elsewhere. In this way, the sellers in Brackenfell and Durbanville also become the buyers."

Being both the seller and buyer can get confusing for many. To help you through this process, Erna explains how to make the best of both roles this summer.

As a seller, enjoy the attention

As a seller, summer means there will be more eyes on your property than any other season. Added to this, you will also be competing with more sellers than usual. To make the experience successful, you will need to attract a serious buyer quickly before their eyes wander to other similar properties. And the best way to do this? Quite simply, you will need to present your home in the best light by staging it immaculately both on the inside and outside. Your property needs to be neatly presented, void of clutter and depersonalised so when potential buyers walk through or see pictures of it, they can envision themselves creating a thriving life in the home and making memories of their own.

If you have a garden, you have the opportunity to make a good first impression by landscaping using fresh and bright seasonal flowers that are popular in the area such as the Cape Daisy, Lavender and Star of Bethlehem. A garden is also an extension of your home and needs to appeal to even the lazy gardener. Clear any garden clutter and remove or replace dead/sick plants as this may appear like additional work that buyers might not want. For those who are not big on gardening but still want to add greenery to enhance the property, try adding shrubs and bushes to bring life to your garden.

An easy to maintain appearance is important in advertising your property in today's market. The key here is to remember you're competing with the best house in the neighbourhood that's on sale at the same time as yours - so make sure you stand out from the competition and attract a serious buyer who will seal the deal.

As a buyer, enjoy the choice

As a buyer, house-hunting is so much more fun in the summer as you can enjoy brighter homes, vibrant gardens and the general freshness of the season. And because there are more homes for sale, you will have a wider selection of properties to choose from that fit your unique needs and requirements. Or in other words, there is a bigger opportunity for you to pick, choose and refuse!

The only downside to the season is there is a bigger chance of competing with other buyers for the same home. This "buyer rivalry" often means less negotiating power to settle on a lower selling price. However, it's comforting to know that the wider choice makes up for this.

In ending, Erna says the warmer days truly bring out the beauty of Durbanville and Brackenfell - with residents enjoying the great outdoors in grand style. As more buyers and sellers begin the process of finding a new home and letting go of their old one, RED Properties will continuously be there to guide residents through this process and provide reliable, enthusiastic and diligent advice and services for both buyers and sellers alike.

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